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We have a body of Doulas in the UK and birthworkers accredited by Snowdrop Doula CIC with CACHE endorsed training. Each Doula works in accordance with our training requirements and ethical framework.
This ensures confidence for families and agencies that the Doula/ birthworker is competent and safe.

We believe in individual needs and each woman (and man) has a right to a pregnancy, birth and parenting experience that is right for them.

We have an evidence based model of supporting families. Gaining recognition nationally for our work. We are trailblazers and continue to support women and families.

With all these streams you will become part of a nationally recognised, (BACP and ICO and NHS Information governance registration), not for profit Community Interest Company organisation supporting families. With endorsed training, policies and procedures, debriefing by qualified counsellor and birthworker, comprehensive staff and volunteer support, giving both worker and family piece of mind. We are the only Doula organisation in the country (possibly the world) to have this in place.

Doula support worker

These workers will be volunteers (with the potential for paid positions in the future) that commit to so many hours support women and families in group and one to one settings. You will support women and families alongside Doulas. You will not be required to be on call.

You will work within our Ethical Code and policies.

You will be trained with our CACHE Endorsed training.

Our Doula training is free to anyone in the UK who comes on board with Snowdrop ethos and our branches.

Volunteer nanny worker.

We are looking for volunteers to provide care for children whilst the mother is birthing in the hospital.

You will work with a Doula to provide holistic support to parents.

You will ideally have a childcare qualification or willing to train in Core Skills.

Hours will be as and when needed.

Potential for paid positions in the future.

Countrywide branches

Due to our success and the amount of requests we have received we now have the opportunity for Snowdrop branches to open across the country. This will give the option for funding support with access to our policies, software, research and knowledge and name. Due to different demographics within areas each area may work slightly differently. We have a procedure to follow for set up with regular audits. These audits help to ensure consistency across, protecting the families and workers.

Funding can be accessed for this.

To apply, please fill in the form here.

If you would like more information and to be involved then please get in contact at with subject matter “Doula support work”, “Nanny” and/or “new branch”.