Feeding support

We offer specialised infant feeding support. Whether you need breastfeeding support or formula feeding support we can help.

Feeding your baby can be a time of stress, discomfort and confusion. It’s not something either of you have done before and a new skill needs learning. This can be eased with support from others.

Our staff and volunteers are trained by our experienced breastfeeding support staff through our level 3 CACHE accredited infant feeding training. We will match the best suited member of our team to support your needs.

Here are some common feeding issues we can often help with, with other problems ruled out by a doctor:

Sleep – do you feel bad isn’t sleeping enough, can’t settle?

Pain – is breastfeeding causing some pain or discomfort? It may be something simple that just needs an adjustment.

Weight – is baby not gaining weight as much as expected and there’s some concern from either yourself or health professional.

Digestion – sometimes babies have some trouble with their tummies.

We can offer this on a sliding scale of cost depending upon your individual situation.
Working on a £25 per hour average.
Contact us here to make an appointment or find out more.