Food share and baby goods bank

East Lancashire baby bank plus food sharing via our redistribution support channels of Neighbourly and Fairshare, eliminating food waste and feeding the local community.

We are working with local agencies and services to make sure donations reach those in need and also accept self referrals. We can take referrals on the form below, then will distribute accordingly.

Baby bank

This service is for those in need. With the help of donations of preloved and some new items we can provide most items a new family may need. We do accept self referrals to this and professional referrals from anyone working with a family who needs items.

Operating a voucher scheme so parents/ parents to be can come into one of our shops and pay for relevant preloved items with the voucher. Meaning they can choose what they like, without cost.

Food share

Our aim is to reduce waste whilst supporting those in need and as such we do not have a criteria of who can use this scheme. Fresh food depends on what is available.
Items are often taken to our shops and “cafe” in East Lancashire for everyone to access and we can make some deliveries too.

We will prioritise those in need and we ask for honesty, however, to save items going to landfill we distribute to everyone after the most in need are fed and clothed.

We ask for donations towards food taken if people can.


We take donations at our groups and can collect

The Amazon wish list is a simple way to donate a couple of items cheaply. You simply click the list and select the item/s you wish and they are sent directly to us. (Thankyou to those who have already done this)
Or you could fill a shoe box yourselves full of toys and goodies and we can distribute

Don’t forget to use Easy Fundraising and follow our cause when doing any online shopping as we get a percentage of your purchases without cost to you.

We are a registered community interest company/not for profit already working with local vulnerable families so you can be assured your donation will go to the right place.

Let’s make a real difference in a changing and uncertain time.

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