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When women support each other incredible things can happen

Please check our “Classes” page for other support groups and workshops we run.

Cesarean and VBAC support group

After many requests we are now running a support group in Burnley, East Lancashire for anyone who has had or is looking to have a Cesarean or VBAC (Vaginal Birth after cesarean) birth. We will talk about all aspects surrounding this and it is flexible peer support for anyone. Health professionals are also welcome.

Red Tent East Lancashire

Red Tents are traditionally a place where women would meet once a month to rest and nature themselves. Young women would join in the red tents once they came to menstruating. Women would also birth in these tents. They were a place where young girls would learn womanly things and about birth. Older women would share their knowledge  and this would be passed down. There is somewhat of a red tent revival and I am hoping to bring this to East Lancashire. In this red tent we will talk, eat and perhaps craft and sing/dance together and celebrate our womanhood. Check out the Facebook group as we build this up. RedTentDirectory LOGO 2


Useful Links

Birth in East Lancashire ( a service user group) www.birthineastlancs.com

AIMS (Association for Improvement in Maternity Services) www.aims.org.uk

NCT www.nct.org.uk

La Leche League  www.laleche.org.uk

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers www.abm.me.uk

Red Tent Groups www.redtentdirectory.com