ALBI scheme

Affordable large baby items

ALBI scheme, affordable cots, prams and other items to support families with increased cost of living.

Now able to provide a service alongside our baby bank to provide affordable large baby items to families who need. Providing further help with baby items as the cost of living in the UK increases.

We are unable to take some items preloved, such as many car seats and mattresses so this helps provide affordable alternatives.
Perhaps you would like to buy new items, such as a pram and cot, for your baby but the full prices are just unaffordable for your family. Do you need some help with baby items due to cost?
This scheme can help! Bringing affordable large baby items to all. Watch the video below to find out how it works.

We are piloting in BB postcodes (Lancashire) to begin with but do get in contact if out of area and interested so we can build a picture of need.

We prefer a professional referral so please ask your midwife/health visitor/social worker or other professional to get in touch for details to refer. If you’d like to self refer, please get in contact.