Doula training course

Our Doula training course, perinatal mental health, antenatal class teacher training, infant feeding, breastfeeding peer support and other training courses below.

All our courses are written and taught by our experienced and very knowledgeable staff. Built over years of working with families. Accredited Doula training in the UK, perinatal mental health training, perinatal/ birth trauma training and antenatal class teacher training. These courses are suitable for anyone with an interest. Some are fully online, self study and others are by video call, opening our training to more people across the UK.

Plus our, work at your own pace, online antenatal classes are found here.

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Some course costs (such as our Doulas training course / perinatal peer support training) can be fully paid if you with to join Snowdrop Doula CIC and work with us. Contact us if you are interested.

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You can find more information about CACHE for our accredited courses here

Cartoon picture showing pregnant woman on knelt by birthing ball with Doula/ woman rubbing her lower back

Level 3 Award in perinatal peer support – Doula training

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Cartoon picture showing 2 women facing each other on green tub chair. Speech bubble shows an image of a head talking.

Level 3 Award in perinatal mental health

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Cartoon image of 3 pregnant women standing talking. Image for Level 3 Antenatal teacher training course

Level 3 Award in Antenatal teacher training

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Cartoon image of women sat on floor with knees to face. Surrounding by images suggesting stress and trauma

Level 3 Award in Trauma awareness in the perinatal period

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Cartoon image of baby in nappy led on back holding toes

Level 3 Award in infant feeding peer support

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Supporting Trauma in the perinatal period

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Perinatal CPD coming soon

Domestic abuse in pregnancy and postnatal.

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Antenatal classes

You, Your body, your baby-Life with a newborn

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online antenatal class

You, your body, your baby – Birth expectations

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