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Would you like to work as a Doula or birthworker, then why not open a Snowdrop Doula/ Doula Cafe franchise with our full support. Click here for other opportunities.

Who we are

Our beliefs are that each individual has different needs and each woman (and man) has a right to a pregnancy, birth and parenting experience that is right for them. We believe in provided support to all, regardless of their finances.

We have a body of Doulas in the UK and birthworkers accredited by Snowdrop Doula CIC with NCFE/CACHE accredited training. Each Doula works in accordance with our training requirements and ethical framework. This ensures confidence for families and agencies that the Doula/ birthworker is competent and safe.

We have an evidence based model of supporting families and have gained recognition and awards nationally for our work. Snowdrop Doula CIC are successful trailblazers and continue to support women and families who need and want support in their birth and transition to parenthood.

What you’ll get in our Doula franchise

Starting your own branch/ franchise of Snowdrop Doula CIC you will become part of a nationally recognised, (BACP and ICO and NHS Information governance registration), not for profit Community Interest Company organisation supporting families throughout there pregnancy and parenting journey.

  • NCFE/CACHE accredited training,
  • Friendly policies and procedures,
  • Ongoing mentoring by qualified counsellor and birthworker.
  • Comprehensive staff and volunteer support.
  • Business support.
  • Piece of mind to both worker and family.
  • Option for funding support
  • Relevant software.
  • Our research and knowledge and name.
  • Suport to set up appropriate services in your area acknowledging the different demographics within areas
  • We are the only Doula organisation in the country (possibly the world) to have this in place.