Birth Trauma Therapy

Birth trauma comes in many forms and has many symptoms you may feel. There can be physical birth trauma and psychological birth trauma. Physical birth trauma can usually be treated by a relevant medical professional and we advise you seek support there, in the first instance. Specialist birth trauma therapy can help you.

Psychological birth trauma can appear as a result of what has happened. There are many symptoms of this, the list is not exhaustive and can present in very different ways for each individual. One size never fits all.

Some symptoms of birth trauma;

  • Flashbacks
  • Disassociation
  • Hyperfocus
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Memory of the event hazy
  • Crying
  • OCD
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Eating problems.

If you are struggling following a birth we should be able to help.


8 hours of support.

Support from both a counsellor/psychotherapist and Doula to help you prepare for your next birth experience and to help with past experience of birth.

up to £200


8 hours of support.

Sessions based in CBT and other integrative forms of therapy.
Specialist counsellors/psychotherapist support with Doula input if needed.

up to £200

We have specialist counsellors/psychotherapists and Doulas (some are both) to help with Birth trauma through our packages of support.

Through over 15 years of supporting families we have developed packages of support and therapy to help you. Whether you are planning a next birth or you have more recently experienced trauma we have tailored packages of support and therapy. In these years we have seen numerous women and families come to us who have gone to others who say they are able to offer “birth trauma treatment” to find the person really was not suitable to help them. We have written a blog post on this here. Our staff are all well trained and experienced in this area with regular supervision and updated training.

As always, we are able to offer our support packages on a sliding scale of cost depending on circumstances. There may even be some fully funding spots. We also offer hourly rates of counselling.