Antenatal class

Do you want a full antenatal class either in person, via Zoom or for you to do online at your own pace? Then our popular classes that have been limited to those in Burnley, Blackburn, Rossendale and the Ribble Valley are now running for everyone in the UK.

We have face to face and zoom session plus at your leisure online content. Each course is suitable to different needs and budgets. We can also offer discounted/funded sessions to anyone in need.

Antenatal class online. 
Over 10 hours antenatal class. Looking at birth expectations, options and parenting a newborn, plus mental health after a baby. Hypnobirthing and more

You, Your body, Your baby class

These classes are a special place for pregnant women and their partners to gather together. To make friends, share, learn and listen to one another. Can also be 1 to 1. A mix of Zoom and in person classes in line with COVID restrictions.

  • Myth busting
  • Basic Birth physiology
  • Pain relief
  •  Birth and postnatal expectations
  •  Birth plans/ preferences
  • Possible birth interventions
  • Choices in Birth
  • Breastfeeding/ Infant feeding
  • Relaxation/ Hypnobirthing tips
  • Relationships 

Sessions are tailored to the needs of the group.

The aim of the classes are for you to feel empowered in you pregnancy and birth and to aid for a positive birth experience

Our face to face classes are over 10 hours over a few sessions.

Price are available on a sliding scale of need. Click below for dates of classes and pricing scale. If cost is an issue you can pay what you can.

RRP £150

On demand antenatal classes

Birth Expectations

An on demand antenatal class to watch and read and listen to at your own pace. Learn about what to expect at birth, pain relief option, relaxation track and all your options. This class will help you to think about birth preferences/ plan and help you to feel more prepared for birth.

Life with a Newborn

Complete at your own pace online antenatal session. This session will help you to prepare for life with a newborn. What to expect, how much to feed, how to feed, bathing, safe sleep, relationship expections, parenting expectations and more.

Hypnobirth Skills

Hypnobirthing and relaxation audios for you to listen to at your own pace. Plus instructions and information as to how it works and tips for a birth partner. Suitable for anyone who doesn’t need or want a full antenatal class.

If you cannot afford this we do have a discounted rate for certain criteria. Please contact us for more information.

Our monthly Wednesday evening Zoom session is below. Click the link for more information.