Antenatal class

* NOTE: we are now running online Antenatal classes for everyone in the UK *

We have face to face and zoom session plus at your leisure online content. We are asking for a donation of up to our usual cost. These donations will help us to continue supporting local families. If you cannot afford a donation then just let us know. Please contact us for more information 

The online class content is via a password protected page on our website. Please contact us at to access.

Antenatal Class in Burnley. Antenatal class in Blackburn. Antenatal class in Clitheroe. Antenatal class in Colne. Antenatal class in Accrington.

What to expect.

The classes are a special place for pregnant women and their partners to gather together. To make friends, share, learn and listen to one another.

  • Myth busting
  • Basic Birth physiology
  • Pain relief
  •  Birth and postnatal expectations
  •  Birth plans/ preferences
  • Possible birth interventions
  • Choices in Birth
  • Breastfeeding/ Infant feeding
  • Relaxation/ Hypnobirthing tips
  • Realtionships

Sessions are tailored to the needs of the group.

The aim of the classes are for you to feel empowered in you pregnancy and birth and to aid for a positive birth experience

When and where are the classes?

The classes are  held monthly.

Cost. We are a not for profit company and keep costs as low as possible and we are currently asking for a donation of what you can afford. We are offering all of this as part of our free one to one Doula support. 

Places are limited to please contact  to check availability and to book  please click Click here to book