Module Three outcomes

Understand the hormones of birth and their purpose in the process. (3.1)
• Understand the stages of labour (3.2)
• Know the signs of labour progression that may be seen by non medical people. (3.3)
• Understand the benefits and risks of cord clamping. (3.4)

Brief understanding of common childbirth complications. (3.5)
• Understand some of the benefits and risks of labour induction and why it may be offered.
• Recognise the different options for pain relief and explain what they do, benefits and risks.
• Know why a caesarean section may be offered and options around this. (3.8)
• Understand the benefits of skin to skin contact post birth. (3.9)
• Understand some of the medical terminology used. (3.10)

This section is about birth, how it would usually work and some of the more common complications.

Birth usually happens between 37 and 42 weeks.

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