Am I allowed to…?

Am i allowed a home birth? Can I have a home birth

Am I allowed a home birth?

am i allowed a home birth? Am i allowed to choose a caesarean?

Am I allowed to choose a caesarean?

Can I choose to not have vaginal exams?

Can I decide to not have blood tests/ scans?

Do I have to have a midwife?

These are some of the many questions asked when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting. The short answer to these questions is that it is always your choice what to do with your body. The only legal requirement is to notify of the birth of the baby (and any death). Anything else is a personal choice that noone can, legally, coerce you into.

However, you may be met with various levels of resistance and threats should anything be “out of medical advice”. This can sometimes be difficult but if you are aware of your rights these issues can be quickly dealt with.

You may be told that social services will be contacted and for the most part they do not tend to take any further intervention.

You may be told things such as your baby will die. This usually comes from a place of fear. If such scary things are suggested it is worth looking up the reality of this for your situation. “Doubling the risk” may still remain at 2% chance.

The most important thing is that you feel safe, are safe and are aware of the risks and benefits of all options, making for a truly informed choice.

If you feel you are wanting to choose something that someone else if making difficult for you then you can contact us and we may to able to support you. You can also contact organisations such as Birthrights for legal questions and support.