Is birth painful?

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Is birth painful? Is childbirth painful?

I’m just gonna say it. No sugarcoating. Is birth painful? Yes, Childbirth hurts, it is painful. Your womb is large as needs to squeeze a small human out.

To pretend otherwise is just unrealistic.

There is such thing as orgasmic birth but a 13+ hour orgasm is not a thing here (we’ll we’ve never come across that!) It will still be painful at some point.

However, there are things you and those with you can do to reduce the pain felt and keep a calm and safe environment. There are drugs, there’s massage, there’s water there’s breathing techniques, there’s essential oils and various things unique to you that will aid relaxation. With antenatal support and/or classes you can find what may help you and also what may not.

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Is birth painful? In short, Yes. There are many options to reduce the pain in childbirth.