What does a Doula do?

This is a question often asked.

In the UK, Doulas are becoming more and more popular, for various reasons.

Each Doula works slightly differently. Even within Snowdrop Doula we have Doulas with different expertise.

Basic Doula training usually contains:

Basic birth physiology
Listening skills

Breastfeeding knowledge.

Debriefing own experience

With Snowdrop Doula our Doulas are training in additional skills such as:
First aid adults, babies and children

UNICEF BFI training
Infant feeding support
Counselling and listening skills Smoking cessation
Domestic violence
Knowledge of obstetric emergencies.
With constant supervision and continuous professional development

So what do Doulas do.
• Support,
• Listen,
• Empower,
• Non judgemental,
• Private antenatal class,
• Help offload
• Help you to know your options
• Support choices
• Birth support,
• Infant feeding,
• Relationships expectation support
• Help you to manage expectations,
• Massage
•Postnatal support (from holding baby whilst you shower to helping with food prep)
• Mental health support

What Doulas don’t do.

• Birth or deliver babies (Mums do that)

• Diagnose
• Advise
• Medical checks

Our Doulas are all mothers (and a grandma) who have various experiences of birth, their own and others. They have additional training around pregnancy, birth and infant feeding.

Some describe as “the wise woman that would’ve been in the village helping all the pregnant women”.

We’ve even had a dad explain Doulas as “an insurance policy”, “someone there that you may not need but is good to have for the moments of not so calm.”

So, what do Doulas do? Lots of things. Be there for YOU!